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  • ex·tro·py •
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an "evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition"

Our Ideology



Working with startups and small business to help them realise the potential of the blockchain



We place a high priority on the security of our code and developing robust applications.


Cutting Edge

We bring you cutting edge technology in a way that non rocket scientists can understand.


Distributed Application Development

We can bring your ideas to life on the Ethereum blockchain.



We believe that the blockchain will change the way we do business. We can help you, if you want to find out more about how your company could benefit from Blockchain technology or break into the industry. Find out more about our training.


We are helping the community by conducting research around the safety of smart contracts.


We aim to promote and contribute to research into Ethereum and the related ecosystem.

Towards a Sustainable ICO Process: Community Guidelines on Regulation and Best Practices

Authored a "Bluepaper" analysing the current ICO landscape, focusing on the characteristics of this new form of finance and the challenges that it faces. With a goal of creating a clear and accessible paper to assist both the blockchain community and regulators in laying down the foundations for a sustainable ICO process.
Find out more about the Bluepaper here

ICO Simulator

From our extensive research into ICOs, we identified that the Token-sale Smart Contracts used to distribute the tokens were based on theoretical models that often proved to be incorrect after the fact. We looked to solve this problem by creating a simulator that would allow the fund raisers to test their theoretical distribution models against a range of scenarios before they go live - and before it's too late.
More details of the ICO Simulator will be announced soon!

Robust Languages for the EVM

The failure of the DAO has highlighted the need for more rigour in the developmental process. A valuable part of that would be a more robust language designed with security and safety in mind.

State Channels and Zero Knowledge Proofs

State Channels provide scalability by allowing off chain secure transactions, secured by zero knowledge proofs.


Successes which demonstrate our range of expertise

OzCoinGold: A gold-backed token

Extropy.io worked closely with the OzCoinGold team to create and deploy a token on Ethereum, OzGLD, that is backed by gold. These Smart Contracts have been operating correctly, on the Ethereum Mainnet, since 10th March 2017; in that time there have been over 100s transactions on these Smart Contracts and $1000s of Ether sent to them.

Porsche Blockchain Startup competition

Part of the winning team of Porsche's Blockchain Startup competition
See the article featured on CoinDesk

Blockchain and Ethereum Technical Training

Provided training and expertise as part of several of Blockchain Connector’s "Hands-on Blockchain Developer" workshops. Provided training to members of Xain AG.

Blockchain Training

Provided training and expertise as part of Blockchain Connector’s "Blockchains for Business Leaders & Non-Technical Users" workshops. Presented as part of Blockchain Connector's "Intro to Blockchain Technology & Technical Deep Dive Session" Meetup events.

Our Team


Laurence Kirk

Grand Vizier

Team Member

Kwok Cheung

Blockchain Engineer

Team Member

Stephan Yue

Blockchain Engineer


The Blockchain Connector
Oxford Blockchain Society
Oxford 3D printing society
Applied Blockchain


We are a small blockchain consultancy and studio based in Oxford, UK. Available for work worldwide.

Email : info@extropy.io

Phone : +44 (0)207 097 1556

Twitter : @extropy_io